Welcome to Buffalo and NickelCityRuby's second year!

Last year we had 175 people from all over the region and as far away as Utah. Our attendees learned an immense amount, had fun at after-parties, grabbed lunch at food trucks, and were treated to 2 days of informative talks.

This year will be even better. We'd love for you to attend!

Buy your ticket: $99


We have 3 days packed with events for you:


We're proud to bring these wonderfully talented people and their ideas to Buffalo:

We're back with 14 speakers split over 2 days over a huge range of topics:

Julian Cheal Dancing with Robots
Coraline Ehmke Aesthetics and the Evolution of Code
Meagan Waller Learning From Failure
David Padilla Live Coding Music with Ruby
Brandon Hays My Little C Extension: Lego Robots are Magic
Pablo Astigarraga The Dilemma of Simplicity
Kerri Miller Concurrency for !Dummies (Who Don't Get It (...Yet))
Eric Stiens How to be an awesome junior developer (and why to hire them)
John Yerhot Can't touch this!: When things go wrong with an appliance
Sebastian Sogamoso Services taste better in small disposable cups


We're happy to be back once again in Buffalo's best place for learning: the library!

Downtown Buffalo is full of architectural gems, and our conference is set in the middle of it: The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library's Mason O. Damon Auditorium. Right outside is Lafayette Square, which has long been a center for the city's activity.

We're really excited to welcome you to the great tech community here in Buffalo. From meetups like OpenHack, to StartupWeekend, and BarCampBuffalo, we love our programmers, designers, and technologists of all kinds.


First time visiting Buffalo? Check out why we're America's Best Designed City and everything you could see in under 24 hours. Here's some of our favorite places to take newcomers to the region:

Need a hotel room? We have rooms for you 3 blocks away from the venue at the Comfort Suites for $99/night + tax. Use Nickel City Ruby as the group code (you'll have to call them to get it!). We also suggest the Hotel Lafayette, Hyatt Regency, or the Embassy Suites. There's also some great places in local neighborhoods on AirBNB.


Thank you to the following sponsors that make this conference possible:

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